Windsor Warranty Requests

Welcome to Windsor Home's Warranty Request Portal. If you are a Windsor Homeowner and you need to submit a Warranty Request for something to be fixed in your home, you're in the right place.

If you are experiencing an emergency. Please go directly to your electrical panel and find the company on the list that provides the services you need and call them directly.

Your First step is to login with your Windsor account (If you don't have one, please Register). Then, You will be able to add Warranty Items one by one. Remember you can always come back here to see your existing requests, or to add new ones.

Because of Covid and Supply shortages all over the country we are experiencing some longer delays that normal. Our goal is that you will be contacted within 30-45 days to discuss your repairs. We will do our best to repair your valid requests as soon as possible. Know that if you have entered your requests during the first year you live in your home, then we will honor your valid requests even if we pass your first year mark.

Something you should know, we only fix nail pops and flooring issues once. We usually recommend that you wait until you've almost reached your year mark to submit those requests. That way we can fix them all instead of just a the ones that might have shown up early on.

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